Can Root Canal Treatment Be Done In Single Sitting Without Any Pain?

Root canal treatment is the most reliable and effective treatment when you have deep caries and if you want to save your tooth. Cleaning, shaping, and filling of canals are done in the treatment of root canal which is followed by placement of crown. RCT can cure your pain as well as infection of the tooth.

This treatment can be done in single or multiple visits. A clinician will decide which one is better for you. We all are worried about such treatment because of fear of pain. Here we will understand the sequence of RCT and how it works?

Firstly, the doctor will give your local anesthesia to numb the tooth. A clinician will clean the decay part and open the canal and canals are cleaned with hand and rotary files. Sometimes, cleaning is done in the next appointment if pain or other symptoms are there.

On the next appointment, in case of absence of pain, the doctor can fill the canal and fill the cavity with filling material.

Doctor will prescribe a painkiller if you have pain in between your appointments. However, pain will be bearable which can be controlled with painkillers.

Can Root Canal Treatment Be Done In Single Sitting Without Any Pain?

In case of single sitting root canal treatment, doctor will perform all these procedures in one single day. It will take around 45 minutes to 1 hour. You will not feel pain as all the procedures will be performed under local anesthesia and local aesthesis’s effect may last for 2 to 4 hours. After completing the procedure, you can take painkillers if you feel pain. Nevertheless, pain will get reduced on the next day of treatment.

Which way is better for this treatment? Is it single sitting or multiple sitting RCT?

Some factors are considered to decide which one is better in your case.
  • Likewise, if pus discharge is there or sinus opening is there due to infection then multiple visits are always recommended.
  • Trauma history: in such cases, sometimes, infection is found below the tooth, or some lesion is found. So multiple visits to the root canal is advisable in such cases.
  • Sometimes, different anatomy of teeth is also contraindicated for single sitting rct treatment.
  • Some have temporomandibular joint problems so patients cannot open their mouths for a longer time. For them, multiple visits are advised.

Patients who are anxious or afraid of treatment of root canal, can complete their procedure under nitrous oxide or I.V sedation.
It is not denied that RCT is performed in single sitting without pain.

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