The young female patient reported to US dental clinic with a complaint about two broken upper front teeth. It is true that a person’s smile defines his/her smile and therefore with broken teeth smiles, the patient lost all her confidence. After clinical examination, we found out that it was Ellis class-1 fracture. It is important to note that the patient had no pain and sensitivity in the teeth. Due to malocclusion, there was a big risk of filling getting fractured, so we advised the patient to go for dental veneers. But due to some personal reason, the patient was not willing to go for dental veneers, and the composite filling was already done. The composite dental filling was done with multiple shades after making a putty index, which was made from mock upcast. After filling results were very good, and the patient feels very happy about her new dazzling smile. A sense of pride was felt by our team by handling the case. We are an enthusiastic team of dentists with a clear motto of giving healthy and beautiful smiles to all our patients. Visit Us for A Pain-Free Dental Treatment US Dental Clinic is a world-class dental treatment provider pioneered by American trained and licensed dentists and dental implant surgeon. With state of the art dental & implant centre, US Dental provides US standard quality dental care to all the patients ensuring a great dental treatment experience.
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