For college going students, looks & features matter a lot. Their hair should be done right, clothes must be well ironed, and their face should look good too. Bringing your attention to one such young boy’s dental problem with his smile. Campus interviews were near and to present himself well, he wanted a pleasing smile. Therefore, he visited US dental with a complaint of tooth-pain and a crooked smile. Our team evaluated his case and concluded that the patient was suffering from tooth decay and that also turned out to be the actual reason for this tooth pain. As he also had misaligned teeth, it was getting difficult for him to clean his teeth properly. We then examined his study cast model and advised him to go for a root canal treatment and Emax dental crowns. After considering these treatments, the patient was anxious. So, his root canal treatment was done under i.v sedation and after that Emax crown was given. After the treatment, the patient was given a new smile and that ultimately boosted his confidence.Now there was no pain and no crooked smile. For every type of patient be, it young or old. For every type of case – short or long. For every dental treatment- be it easy to perform or difficult to examine. Schedule an appointment for your dental problem today! Visit US Dental Center to evaluate your oral health and book your appointment. US Dental clinic is your stop for all the dental problems. We have the best Dentist in Ahmedabad. Our dentist will guide you about all over oral health because we care for you…!!!

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