Young college final year student visited US dental clinic located in Ahmedabad for the gap in the teeth. The patient was not happy with his gaps in upper front teeth. To appear for job interviews it was important for him to look good. The teeth gaps were hampering his confidence.

In bite view

Smile view

On clinical evaluation, the patient had already one tooth root canal treated, i.e. 11 teeth without crown. And a huge gap between two upper front teeth. So, after clinical and radiographic examination, the patient was advised to go for 11 tooth all-ceramic crown and 21 tooth veneers.

Bite view

After dental treatment at US Dental Clinic, the patient now smiles confidently. With simple crown and veneer treatment, a change is brought in a patient’s life. Now, the patient does not hesitate to smile freely, and his new look has positively impacted his overall personality.

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