The patient visited US dental all the way from Africa with multiple missing teeth complaint. The patient had a complaint about unpleasing smile and was also unable to chew food properly. Because of the intake of unchewed food, he even started having constipation. On clinical examination, it was observed that the patient was having missing upper and lower anterior teeth. After proper planning to mockup cast, cbct and clinical conditions, we advised patient 4 to 5 implants in the upper anterior region of the jaw and two implants on both side posterior region of the lower jaw. Implant placement was done with the help of computer guided surgery. The provisional bridge was given to the patient for three to four-month time. As advised, the patient revisited to our dental clinic in Ahmedabad after a time period of 4 months. By that time, the patient was having lower removable dentures and an upper fixed bridge. After 4 months, the second stage of implants was done and multiunit with healing cap were placed. After tissue settled down, the final implant impression was taken for fabrication of a final prosthesis. The patient was extremely happy with the results and very satisfied with his new smile. He was so happy that finally he can chew his food properly without having to miss a bit of his diet. Now, for him, no more compromised piece of food and only complete biting.  He said to us, now that he can enjoy his food with his new teeth, he is sacred about his weight gain

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