Patient-reported to a clinic with the complaint of missing teeth. A patient wants dental treatment very speedy and painless due to short of time. On clinical examination, the patient must miss 16 and 36 teeth and poor prognosis for 31 and 41 teeth. After clinical and radiographic examination computer guided dental implant surgery was advised for the lower arch (extraction with 31, 41 and implant with 36, 31,41) and due to lack of adequate bone in the upper back region of the jaw, the patient was advised to go for sinus lift and implant placement. On the day of surgery, with the help of guide two anterior dental implants and one posterior implant were placed. As whole procedure was fully guided there were no flap and no cut. The patient was very happy and fully satisfied with the treatment. Even the patient has no post-operative pain and the patient very comfortable. In upper right back region bone was insufficient, therefore sinus lift and implant placement were planned after 3 days. The patient is called after 4 months for the prosthetic phase. And he is very happy with the treatment. Us dental provides you painlessly and flapless implant placement procedure with most upgraded techniques done by us certified implant specialist. To know more about, contact US Dental and Visit us today to beautify your smile

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