One of the most common reasons for teeth removal during old age is a gum disease which is also known as “pyorrhea”. It always gets neglected or finds accidentally during other dental treatment because of its silent features. Generally, gums related issue is because of the poor oral hygiene. Improper removal of plaque by brushing and flossing leads to gum inflammation and start gums issues. Here are some early and late sign of gum disease which will help you to find out about the risk of gums disease. BLEEDING GUMS:  This is the first sign of gums disease. You can notice bleeding spots on your brush and floss. Once the inflammation progress gums can bleed without any provocation. This indicates that the infection is getting spread into supporting bone. RED SWOLLEN GUMS: Once the inflammation progress you will notice red swollen gums. Yours gums color changes from pink to a deep red. It is the alarming sign that your immune response is worsened and underlying bacteria eat away your gums. GUMS RECESSION: As the inflammation involves further bone you can notice that your tooth is looking longer than adjacent tooth. This is known as gum recession. There will be pocket formation around the tooth due to loss of the gum attachment of the tooth. TEETH SENSITIVITY: As a result of gums recession and loss of attachment root surface is exposed to the oral environment. Root surface doesn’t have enamel as a protective layer so if you have any hot and cold beverages it will become sensitive. TEETH MOBILITY: This is an advanced stage of gum disease. You will feel a gap between your teeth with movement in a different direction. Your teeth might have become tender on percussion. There are other signs and symptoms like bad breath, sores in teeth and pus formation around the teeth. This is a last and alarming sign. If you don’t make an immediate step than you can lose your teeth later. So, if you have noticed any of the above symptoms, contact us for diagnosis of an early stage, to begin with, treatment so it will prevent further damage. US Dental service provide you with treatment in early stage and prevent any further damage”         “As it is always saying “Prevention is better than cure.”

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