You cannot track your child’s health as it is a very difficult task because you have many responsibilities to perform as parents. Following are the facets to guide your child towards a good oral health. Good oral health is must for all the stages of your life, but as a child, you cannot take care of yourself, so parents must do that. Oral hygiene means keeping the mouth clean and healthy by brushing and flossing regularly to prevent from dental disease. Developing good oral hygiene with your child is also the protection against common dental problems like Plaque, gum disease and tooth decay. Oral hygiene helps to remove plaque and clear plaque prevents tooth decay and gum disease as well. It is very important to teach your children the right techniques for their oral health from an early age, so they can take responsibility for their oral hygiene. Oral health care should be done daily, so it is important to include these below things to your child’s schedule:
  1. Brush teeth for two full minutes. Also, remember toothbrush should be replaced every three months. Flossing is necessary after brushing.
  2. Make sure that your child’s hands are clean before he or she eats anything because the toys and other similar commodities contain germs which can be harmful to the child.
  3. Make sure to give healthy foods to your child to prevent their oral health like cheese, butter, raw carrot, coconut oil, raw broccoli, eggs etc.
Dental Tips for your children You are your child’s first doctor in every way so here are some tips for you, which you can use from infants to teenagers. Infants Wipe the gums with warm cloth after feedings. Toddlers
  1. Taught your toddler how to do brush and floss
  2. Use an oily soft brush
  3. Use a small amount toothpaste.
  4. Schedule dental appointments twice a year.
  1. Continue to schedule regular dental appointments.
  2. Provide healthy and above-listed snacks for school lunches.
  3. Avoid sugary food.
  4. Make sure to change your toothbrush without miss on every three months.
  5. Your child should brush twice a day. First in the morning and second before 15 minutes to bed at night.
As a parent, you must take the responsibility to handle your child’s oral health. By understanding the basics, you can start making a change in your child’s health. Never refrain to ask help from a doctor, after all it’s all about your child’s oral health. Get in touch with us for further information on your child’s general and oral health, visit the US Dental Center or call us: 8980623275

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