Taking care of child’s complete health is in every parent’s priority list. Be it oral or physical health, care is care. When it comes to taking care of a child’s oral health, choosing the right type of toothbrush, toothpaste, and the dentist comes in the mind. To being with, let us first understand the importance of baby teeth. Before you can even guess, let us tell you that there are multiple roles of baby teeth. They need it for speaking, eating and smiling. As the fact goes, the baby teeth do not go until the adult teeth come so, baby teeth are very important. A child loses its first baby tooth at the age of 6. If your child loses it too early, then we recommend you visit your child’s dentist. Talk with the dentist about the correct space between the teeth for proper adjustment of the adult teeth. Brush two times a day- morning and night
  • Use fluoride toothpaste to prevent cavity formation in the mouth.
  • For children younger than age 3: Use grain-size amount of toothpaste.
  • For children older than age3: Use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.
  • It is important to brush for 02 minutes to make sure that they brush well on all sides.
When you see two teeth touched to each other, clean the teeth daily
  • It helps in getting rid of food between the teeth and under the gums.
  • Floss stops the process of cavity formation between the teeth.
A Child’s diet is important
  • Limit consumption of too much of sugar.
  • Limit the intake of cookies, juices.
  • Sugar weakens the teeth enamel and gives birth to more cavities
Talk with the dentist about Sealants
  • A sealant is a coating that is applied pits of the molar teeth of the child. It forms a protection against cavities on the biting surfaces of the dentist.
  • Sealants work the best if you feel that there is a high risk for cavities.
Talk With your dentist about fluoride treatment
  • Fluoride is another element for extra protection from cavity.
  • If dentists apply fluoride on the top and sides of your child’s teeth, it will help in preventing cavities.  Applying the same is quick and painless.
Make sure to keep in mind the above-mentioned important points for taking care of your child’s oral health. Looking for the best dentist in Ahmedabad for complete dental checkup? US Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is a world-class dental treatment provider pioneered by American trained and licensed dentists and dental implant surgeon. With state of the art dental & implant centre, US Dental provides US standard quality dental care to all the patients ensuring a great dental treatment experience.

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