Dental problems may vary at different age group and of course, precautions of your teeth and gums will differ according to it. With proper maintenance and guidance of your dentist, one can be dental pain-free. Teeth Caring After Your Birth: Surprisingly, dental precautions start before all baby teeth erupt in the mouth. An only single tooth can get decayed; therefore, it is imperative for all parents not to wait for all the teeth erupt. Furthermore, another common mistake made by parents is that they think that milky teeth are not as important as permanent teeth ignorant with the fact that permanent teeth can get infected if milky teeth are decayed or infected. And milky teeth will guide the permanent to facilitate proper positioning. It is a prime responsibility of parents to take appropriate care even when teeth have not erupted. They can wipe the gummy area with a clean cloth. When teeth start to break out, make brushing fun!! Basically, it is a group activity. Parents can teach them to brush in a circular motion and of course, keep in mind that night brushing is more important. SPECIAL CARE FOR TEENS:
  • Crowding or spacing of teeth is the main concern today amongst teens. That can be treated with ortho (braces) treatment in order to get a perfect smile.

  • Some teenagers do suffer from bad breath. Nothing to worry about it. US Dental, advises them to brush twice a day, floss gently and in six months interval visit your dentist, one can take extra care by avoiding sticky candy and hard food to get healthy teeth.

  • Wisdom teeth eruption generally starts after 18 years. In some cases, it is painful. In that case, one should consult their dentist and should get a wisdom tooth extracted if advised by their dentist.

  • Playing sports is common in this age group. Wearing a mouth guard will protect their teeth, jaw, face or lips.

  • Some teens do have nail-biting habit. However, that can eventually change one’s pattern of teeth. So, avoid it to get a beautiful smile.
MAINTAINING OF ORAL HYGIENE AMONGST ADULTS: Since smoking can deteriorate the health of gums, one should avoid it. Gum disease will loosen your teeth and may cause multiple problems to your dental health. It is extremely necessary to follow proper brushing technique. One should use a soft bristle brush, place them in the 45-degree angled to the gums and gently move in back N forth motion. Brushing can be done in the inner and outer side of teeth. A regular visit to the dentist can prevent your teeth to fall. Likewise, if small decay is there, it can be restored with tooth colored cement. And that will help in not getting converted into a root canal treatment or extraction. So, prevention is always better than cure in all kinds of dental treatments. EXTRA CARE FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ARE ABOVE 60: Missing teeth are one of the reasons that elder suffer from stomach problems as they cannot chew their food properly without teeth. Therefore, the prosthesis of their teeth may assist to give aesthetic value as well as proper function like chewing. Dentures, fixed bridges and implant-based prosthesis are the available options. Consult your dentist to decide whichever is best for you. Gum disease can develop with ageing. Regular scaling will help you to get good oral hygiene. Many of the elders suffer from dry mouth. Basically, it is the side effect of medicines that they take during old age. Dry mouth can cause cavities and other problems in the mouth. Your dentist will help you to solve this problem with some medications and gel.
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