How to Maintain Oral Hygiene in This COVID-19 Situation

With the COVID-19 virus spreading at a neck breaking speed, entire world has come to a standstill. Entire world is fighting against the pandemic. The situation is bleak and dangerous and has sent countries into lockdown. Under the lockdown situation, parties, travel and weekend outings are restricted and forcing people to stop consuming food from restaurants or local food outlets. Food consumption is limited to home-made food only. So, what if someone experiences tooth pain during this situation? As we all know all the dental clinics are closed. To keep oral problems away during this lockdown situation, the dental clinic in Ahmedabad has come up with some information for you all.  Here are simple tips to keep in mind for oral hygiene during quarantine or lockdown situation and how to maintain oral health to avoid dental emergency: 1) Stick with your regular oral care routine. i.e. Brush, Gargle, Floss.As you have plenty of time, use it in doing proper brushing and flossing twice a day. Use mouthwash to kill bacteria and plaque in the mouth.
2) Use mouthwashes after intermediate meals.
3) Eat healthy food. 
4) Avoid sweets and chocolates. Instead, keep fruits and vegetable salad a part of your meal.
5) Keep with you medicine like antibiotics and painkillers and keep some oral gels too
6) Drink plenty of water
7) Avoid cold foods and beverages. Consuming ice-cream and cold drinks would not be a wise decision. 
8) Wash hands frequently with soaps and sanitizer
9) Avoid Touching your nose, eyes and mouth Request you all to not travel, we all will overcome this situation together. For any dental related query feel free to contact us. Are You Looking for A Specialist to Help You with Oral Problems Online?  US Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is a world-class dental treatment provider pioneered by American trained and licensed dentist and dental implant surgeon. We provide solutions to problems online through emails, calls or messages. The problems are understood by the dentists online to make sure that everyone gets a healthy and happy smile. 
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