What Is Better Is It All on Four or All on Six Dental Implants?

Earlier, removable dentures were the only option for the replacement of the teeth. It is the fact that some people suffer from digestion or other medical problems just because of less or no teeth in the mouth. Fortunately, now we have advanced techniques and advanced equipment to give you fixed teeth to restore the oral function.

You must have heard about dental implants, but we should also know about its different techniques.

Basically, all on four or all on six dental implants are advantageous for full mouth rehabilitation. As per the name, all on four implants have four implants per jaw whereas all on six have six dental implants. The similarities are like; they both can be used to give fixed teeth or removable (overdenture) teeth. In some cases, dental surgeons had to do heavy bone grafting or other procedures like sinus lifting to give dental implants. And that used to take 6 months to 1 year to give the permanent teeth to the patient. Nevertheless, with the advancement in implantology, now doctors can give full arch teeth with minimum dental implants. And you can get permanent teeth in 3 to 4 months while you will have temporary teeth in 3 to 4 days. Such techniques have less pain or swelling as a smaller number of implants are involved. In fact, these procedures are more economical and practical instead of putting many implants in every socket of the teeth. Now the question arises in our mind is which is the better All on four or all on six dental implants? There are other differences to consider. We will have some idea of it by understanding the differences.

All On 4 Implants vs All On 6 Implants Pictures

All On 4 Implants vs All On 6 Implants Pictures

In general, it is believed that more implants will have more strength to implants and jaw bones too. So that chewing force can be properly and evenly distributed when the number of implants is more. The location and placement of two additional implants in all on 6 implants will provide good stability and it will have long run benefits. But placing six implants in one arch is not always possible to everyone. Bone quantity and quality is always different from person to person. Sometimes, dental surgeons need to do bone grafting or direct or indirect sinus lifting to put additional dental implants. All on 6 is perfect when surgeons find good amount and quality of bone. Otherwise, all on 4 is the perfect choice who do not want to go for such extensive surgical procedures.

Another difference between all on 4 and all on 6 is the cost of the surgery. As we have discussed, bone grafting is the additional surgical procedure when we are involving a greater number of implants. The cost of the additional implants and other surgical procedures is not a cup of tea for everyone. With the procedure of all on four implants, patient will have enough teeth that they can have proper chewing function along with a good smile.

However, dental surgeons will suggest and guide your which technique is best and simple for you. Here we utilize the most advanced technique for all like surgical guided implant surgery. Overall, with such techniques, the recovery period is minimal with satisfactory oral restoration.

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