Top 12 Post COVID-19 infection control measures for the enhanced safety of our patients

At US Dental Clinic, we have always prioritized patient safety above all and have complied with mandated protocols to maintain a highly sterile environment for infection control. These guidelines are effective in managing the spread of highly contagious diseases of all types including the coronavirus also known as SARS COVID-19. In the wake of the current pandemic, we have further enhanced our infection control standards across many areas to make your dental visit well informed, stress-free and safe above all!!! Enhanced safety protocol at US dental clinic as of May 2020 1). Health screening of all the doctors and staff members: All employees are screened for COVID-19 risk factors regularly such as illness or travel and those at risk are required to self-quarantine for 14 days before returning to work 2). Temperatures and Blood oxygen levels of all employees are monitored daily.
Pressure monitor                                            Pulse Oximeter with Blood
3). Tele consultations are done as a first step for patients needing to visit the dental clinic. A thorough assessment of risk factors and medical comorbidities is assessed before scheduling patients to come to the clinic. 4). To maintain social distancing, patients are scheduled in a way to give enough time for doctors to attend the patients and for assistants to properly sanitize the consultation room. Daily patient appointments are limited to avoid crowding in the waiting room area. Patients are requested to come in alone or with only one person accompanying them at the most. Older individuals and children are not allowed to accompany adult patients. 5). Upon arrival, patients’ temperature and blood oxygen levels are checked and risk factors are revisited. Patients are asked to wear face masks all the time except for when being treated. 6). Common areas such as the waiting room, entrance door knobs, restrooms, break rooms, hallways are cleaned every 30 minutes with disinfecting wipes and sanitizer sprays 7). Our office stresses on being paperless to minimize possible surface contact and thus. Patient prescriptions and other forms are filled digitally 8). All employees are utilizing Personal Protective Equipment as mentioned in the CDC and IDA
Doctor With PPE KIT
9). Patients are given hand sanitizer before and after entering the treatment room, are given germicidal mouth rinse before treatment to reduce the bacterial and viral load in the mouth.
Chlorhexidine mouth wash                 BETADINE mouth wash
10). Oral isolation and suction devices are utilized for all aerosol producing procedures 11). Treatment rooms are thoroughly disinfected with wipes and sprays and floors are mopped after every patient visit. After completion of aerosol-generating procedures, the treatment is fumigated thoroughly before another procedure. 12). All dental instruments go through rigorous cleaning, disinfection procedures before being packed individually in sterilization pouches. Class B medical-grade autoclave is used to sterilize all the dental instruments to ensure 100% effective germ killing.
Instruments in sealing pouch                 Hand Sanitizer
        Melag class-B autoclave
We value your trust in us. The safety of our patients and staff is our highest priority. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding for any delays caused as we adhere to these strict protocols. We promise to keep you updated through this pandemic situation and we look forward to seeing you smile!
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