Everything You Need to Know About Zoom Teeth Whitening

With the increasing demand for esthetics in dentistry, the awareness and demand of bleaching have also increased. There are many bleaching products both- at home and at-clinic type available in the market worldwide. However, zoom teeth whitening is a bleaching process, which is accepted and in demand all over the world due to its excellent results and minimum side effects. So, what is zoom bleaching and how it works: Many of us have a habit of drinking tea, coffee, cola but this habit can darken our teeth and give stains on our teeth. Some people are not happy with their smile just because they have a dark shade of teeth and so they feel under-confident while smiling. The zoom bleaching process is designed to remove the stains on the teeth. It lightens the discolouration of the teeth enamel and dentin. The distinct thing about zoom teeth whitening is that this procedure uses the zoom advance power chairside lamp to accelerate the effects of bleaching on the teeth. Zoom Teeth Whitening Explained Stepwise:
  • Firstly, regular teeth cleaning and polishing is recommended.

  • After that, protective coat of vitamin E oil is applied on your lips. Gums around the teeth are covered with gingival barrier. These steps ensure thorough protection for your lips and gums during the whitening process. Soft retractors are used to ensure comfortable and optimum retraction of the lips away from the teeth and to ensure proper access to the teeth during the whitening process. Cotton rolls are used to absorb excess saliva and keep the field dry during the procedure.

  • Next the dentist applies hydrogen peroxide gel, which works together with the zoom light to penetrate the teeth and break up the discoloration.

  • When the zoom light falls on the teeth, it activates the gelling agent to remove the stains on the dentine and enamel. This process then makes the teeth whiter and brighter.
Generally, the procedure takes less than an hour. A single session takes about 15 to 20 minutes. A second session can be requested if you do not get satisfactory result with the first time. After completion of the process, ACP gel (anti sensitive gel) is applied to minimize the teeth sensitivity. Sometimes, the minor sensitivity can be felt but it always dissipates. The dentist also suggests anti-sensitivity toothpaste before and after treatment to lessen the sensitivity. Things to Keep in Mind: You must avoid consuming colored food for a week. Food that has added food coloring items should be avoided. Zoom home bleaching kit are also available at dental clinic. It is a custom-fitted kit curated by the dentist for teeth whitening. Follow dentist instructions for maintenance. Looking for A Specialist to Help You with Zoom Teeth Whitening? US Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad pioneered by the US certified and licensed dentist is one of the best zoom teeth whitening treatment providers in the country. US Dental provides quality standard dental care to all the patients ensuring a great dental treatment experience. Schedule a Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment Appointment Today!
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