Root canal treatment is most common in dentistry now a day. But there are many disbelieves regarding root canal treatment. So here you have correct answer for your myths.

5 Root Canal Myths

#Myth 1- Root canal treatment is very painful. RCT1 Very common misconception regarding root canal treatment is pain. But very few people know that root canal treatment is done to relieve pain which was there due to decay or broken tooth. Root canal treatment is done only after that tooth area is numb. For anxious patients, there are various options available such as sleep dentistry (sedation) to help them get through the procedure. If you are one of those then don’t lose your mind and be sure to ask your dentist. Once it is completed then your excruciating pain will disappear. #Myth 2 – Long and several appointments. Now days some of the root canal treatments can be done in single visit. But if there is a long term infection or pus then only it needs several appointments #Myth 3 – Root canal treatment benefits don’t last long. After root canal treatment, blood supply and nerve supply is eliminated from your tooth and if it is done properly then you will be free from dental pain forever. But it is important to maintain the tooth after the treatment as your tooth turns brittle, and if you don’t restore your tooth with crown then your tooth may fracture. So here your root canal treatment is successful in alleviating pain but your negligence for restoration may compromise the tooth. #Myth 4 – Good alternative of root canal treatment is extraction. Nothing can replace your natural teeth .So one should always try to save natural teeth. This will help you to chew your food with 100%efficiency #Myth 5 – Root canal treatment cause illness. Many have misconception of root canal treatment leading to blood pressure, heart disorder, diabetes etc. in fact root canal treatment is done in total sterile environment and instrument are also sterile. Misinformation about a medical procedure can cause unnecessary apprehension and fear and inhibit people from seeking treatment that they need. So now truth for your myths has been revealed. So relax and trust your dentist. To know more about root canal treatment in Ahmedabad or any dental problem or treatment, call – +91-8980623275 @ US Dental. or visit –