A smile is a key to reflect the feeling of happiness, success and reveals self-confidence of every individual. Cosmetic dentistry is in demand like never. It is not only centered for alteration in tooth shape, color, and position, but also involves the appearance of the gingiva. Today we are sharing a case of smile makeover at US Dental with that there is no more compromise for a picture-perfect smile. We are discussing a case of a 23 year old female patient and she was not happy with her previous metal, ceramic crown and also had complaints of darker gums. The patient has undergone laser gums depigmentation procedure followed by the replacement of old crown with metal free Zirconia crown after completion of gums healing. This patient was so happy after the completion of treatment as she received a desired cosmetic correction at an affordable price at US Dental. We are “Best dental clinic in Ahmedabad” and creating a dazzling smile. To know more, contact US Dental for more details. Visit us today to beautify your smile. US Dental creates your lost smile to its original beauty or enhances it through latest computer-guided technology and the experienced USA licensed dental surgeons.

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