How Often Should You Get A Deep Teeth Cleaning?

According to American dental association, dental check-ups and teeth cleaning should be done twice a year. However, it sometimes depends on the case also. Some patients are still not aware of their oral health and they only do visit the dentist when they have pain or any symptom. You should visit a dentist at least once in six months. You can avoid invasive dental treatments just by visiting your dentist regularly. In fact, that will also help you financially. Now the question arises in our mind that,

Why Do I Need to Get My Teeth Cleaned Regularly?

Generally, dental plaque (soft build -up) forms every day on our teeth which can be converted into calculus (hard formation). Dental plaque or calculus also called tartar contains bacteria. Such bacteria are harmful for oral health that can destroy gum health and cause caries too. In some research, it is said that such bacteria are dangerous for overall health too. Therefore, for the gums and teeth health, regular cleaning is recommended.

But Do We All Need It Twice in A Year?

Ideally, teeth cleaning twice in a year is necessary. However, some people have irregular or misaligned teeth. And they cannot keep their oral cavity healthy even though they want to do so. In some cases, gum issues are genetic, and they do not have a choice other than to visit a dentist regularly. If patients are diagnosed with Periodontitis, they will need to get deep teeth cleaning done initially and then depending upon the resolution, will need to get maintenance cleaning done every 3-4 months. Individuals who do not have gum disease, can visit a dentist twice in a year.

What are the different techniques to keep the teeth clean?

  • Scaling and polishing
    It is regular cleaning of your teeth. Which can remove soft plaque and tartar above the gum line. It is a simple and regular procedure to keep the oral cavity healthy. Polishing of teeth will help not to colonize the bacteria on the surfaces of teeth.
    These are the pictures of cleaning and polishing.

    Teeth cleaning can be done manually too if it is needed.

  • Deep Cleaning
    Deep cleaning should be done where tartar is present below the gum line. That should be done under local anesthesia so you can not feel pain or sensitivity. It is important to get the deep cleaning done when it is advisable by the professionals as it will prevent the further damage of the gums and teeth

Is A Dental Deep Cleaning Ever Really Necessary?

Deep cleaning also includes the procedure called root planning. Cleaning is done on the root surface to remove the plaque and tartar in root planning procedure. Smoothening is also done on root surfaces so bacteria cannot collect on it. This will help to prevent pocket formation

How Can I Maintain Oral Health at Home?

Twice brushing with proper brushing technique is necessary. You should use dental floss and mouthwash too.
Should I Visit A Dentist If I maintain My Oral Cavity Regularly?
Yes, you should get the cleaning done by the dental professionals at least once or twice in a year. Because some areas of teeth cannot be cleaned at home. Dental professionals have special tools which can remove the plaque and tartar from the surfaces which toothbrushes cannot. And of course, early dental problems can be treated with less expense and simple procedures.
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