How can I fix the gap between my front teeth?

Gap between the teeth is quite a common dental issue. Sometimes people have generalized spacing or presence between some teeth. Spacing between the teeth is also called diastema. If the spacing is bothering, you nothing to worry about there are multiple options available to close it and have a perfect beautiful smile.

Reason for Gap Formation

  • Difference between overall tooth size and jaw size
  • Teeth sizes are smaller
  • High frenum attachment
  • Habit such as thumb sucking, mouth breathing
  • Gums disease

Why you Need to Close Gap?

  • Not happy with your smile
  • Food gets stuck
  • Tartar formation is more if space does not clean properly
  • Gums problem

How to Get Perfect Smile Without Gap?

Orthodontics treatment: braces are the natural way to close your gap and get perfect alignment of teeth. Metal and ceramic braces both are available.

Tooth Stains

Drawbacks: ● Chances of fracture
● Get stained
● Not suitable for all case

Clear Aligners
This is also known as Invisalign. These are clear trays that patients need to wear during the time of treatment. This is the alternative of braces who doesn’t want a metallic smile. You can also enjoy your food and function without hesitation.

Tooth Stains

● Long duration same as braces
● Cost is high
● Most comfortable
● No need to visit dentist regularly

Composite Filling
To close the minor space dentist can do teeth color composite filling. It will be done in a single sitting.

Tooth Stains

● Chances of fracture
● Get stained
● Not suitable for all case

Composite Veneers
In this same composite material is used to fill gaps but instead of direct dental filling, the dentist will shave a little bit of tooth structure and take measurement. Lab will make composite veneers which are fixed by the dentist with luting cement. Need two sittings to complete the procedure.

Cost is less compared to ceramic veneers.

Tooth Stains

● Can be chipped
● Get discolored and stain after sometimes
● Not long lasting as ceramic veneers.
● Need to trim around 0.5mm teeth structure

Porcelain or Zirconia Veneers
These are the highly aesthetic and long-lasting option to close spacing. If the braces or clear aligners are not possible, also patients have time restraint this is the most acceptable and long-term solution. This can be also used to mask permanent stains.

This is an ultrathin shell that will be bonded to teeth by the dentist. Required two sittings.

Tooth Stains

Costlier than composite veneers
Need to do preparation of teeth about o.5 mm.

High frenum attachment can pull the gums tissue between two teeth and cause spacing. Sometimes labial frenectomy needs to be done along with the above procedure.
It is very important to discuss with your dentist before you finalize the treatment. Every person has different teeth to get the natural look, the dentist can only suggest to you the best treatment option that is suitable in your case.

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