We often heard that Health is Wealth, the first wealth is health, Take good care of your health and lot more and we used to overheard it till the time health issues comes to our door! But you can’t ignore taking good care of your Dental Health as Teeth are our best friend, without that we would not be able to eat or drink. We all practice routine brushing and flossing but that is not just enough for good dental health. You need to visit dentist on regular bases in order to have good dental health. Now, you’ll ask why regular dental check-up is important and what happens during a check-up?

Routine Dental Checklist:

  • First, identify the well-qualified dentist to visit, take a prior appointment to save your time, also brief them about purpose of your visit.
  • Share the details of you and your dental history with your dentist. Also share any dental anxiety if you have any. Do not forget to give details of any health problem if you have as overall health highly affects your dental health.
What dentist examines during your check-up: Now that you have shared your health concerns, doctor will start working inside your mouth. The first thing they will do is give your teeth a thorough cleaning. They start by scraping off built up plaque and tartar that collects above and below the gum line before flossing between and around every tooth to remove any plaque or food particles that are clinging on. They will also give your teeth a smooth and shiny finish using a tooth polisher with a spinning head and slightly abrasive paste. The polishing will get rid of any residue that was previously missed and will make your teeth smoother so that plaque will not collect as easily on them between visits to the dentist.
  • Examination of your Teeth, Gums and Mouth:
Now, Doctor will do thorough examination of your teeth, gums and mouth to have a look at any cavity or decay in your mouth. Doctor will also look at any bleeding or swelling of gums in any area, mouth sores and redness. It is must important to closely monitor gum disease as it invites various other problems.
  • Dental X-Ray:
Dental X-Rays helps to identify any issues if you have below the mouth’s surface. X-ray
  • Guide on Oral Care:
After examining your whole mouth, Doctor Dentist will advise you about the treatment options and how it would be conducted. Now the dentistry is beyond the general dental issues, doctor also guide you on cosmetic dentistry to look better and feel confident. As your smile affects the life!
  • Next Appointment:
If your Oral health is good, dentist will advise you to visit them on interval of five to six month. But do ask for next appointment if you have any dental issues. US Dental gives you US Standard dental care from US qualified and licensed dentist in Ahmedabad. It provides best treatment from specialist doctor. So, have you taken your dental visit? Yet not? Book your appointment now Or Call us on – +91-8980623275.

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