Did you know dental implant placement in later maxilla is the most difficult-to-treat? Don’t you think the word “Sinus LIFT SURGERY” itself is very haunting to patients? A sinus lift is nowadays a very common procedure in deficient bone cases. We are here to share what is sinus lift and why is it needed in implant placement.

What is sinus lift?

When there is less bone width between upper jaw bone and maxillary sinus which is positioned on either side of the nose, sinus lift helps in lifting the maxillary sinus skin upward and create space to rebuild the bone with bone graft material. When the upper maxillary molar or premolar is missing, the bone remodeling procedure is used. In that case the base of the maxillary sinus expands and reduces bone thickness. Thus, in such cases, sinus lift is a very helpful procedure to regain bone space for implant placement.

What is sinus lift used for?

  • Bone loss in upper posterior region due to periodontal diseases.
  • Missing teeth for lengthy periods hence fort no bone left for implant placement.
  • Maxillary sinus is too big and there is less bone width for the implant. Sinus size increases with age.
  • For Those patients who have lost upper back teething jaw and there is not enough bone for the implant.

Types of sinus lift

  1. Sinus lift with immediate implant placement: if there is more than 4 mm bone in the upper posterior region, you can lift the sinus with a special instrument and fill the space with an artificial bone and place an implant. This technique is known as close sinus lift. This is the one stage implant placement procedure and it decreases rehabilitation period.
  1. Sinus lift with delayed implant placement: If there is a less than 4 mm bone between the floor of sinus and posterior maxillae then sinus lift and grafting is to be done.  After that, you would have to wait for a period of 4 to 6 months for the implant placement procedure. Here, adjacent window is made in posterior maxillae and with the assistance of piezo instruments sinus is lifted and bone graft is done. Thus, there is a long waiting period. This technique is also known as open sinus lift.

What precaution to be taken after the sinus lift?

  • Don’t blow your nose: It is best to rub your nose lightly instead of forceful pressure.
  •  Avoid Sneezing: If sneeze comes, keep your mouth open and do not squeeze your nose strongly.
  • Avoid Sucking: Do not drink liquids with a straw. Avoid smoking.
  • Avoid playing a wind instrument. Do not blow balloons.
  • Avoid doing an exercise like Pushing or lifting: Do not lift or push objects weighing more than 20 kgs.
  • Bending down: Sleep with your head slightly higher up.
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