Dental implants are the best and latest tooth replacement option available because they are basically like your natural teeth. Dental implant restores a lost tooth so that it looks, feels; fit and function like a natural tooth and help you in eating, smiling, speaking and other activities of everyday life with full confidence.

There are 5 key rules which can increases the dental implant success.

  • General health factors
Implant success depends on various systemic factors like diabetes, immune compromised disease, osteoporosis, history of radiation etc. as this factor interfere in osteo-integration of implant and there by affects implant stability. DI 2
  • Local factors and bad habits
Bone quality and quantity affects implant stability. If bone is very porous and brittle it may leads to implant failure and bite related concern also leads to stress concentration over implant and further interfere in osteo-integration of implant. Even smoking affects osteo-integration of bone. DI3
  • Oral hygiene habits
Implant is the most modern method for teeth replacement but it needs regular maintenance; it includes daily cleaning, flossing, professional checkups and mouth wash. Even new sophisticated device like water pick is also used for maintaining good oral health of implant system. DI4DI5
  • Dental implant design and prosthetic crowns
Implants are made up of inert metal titanium. Depending upon modality of placement in the bone, they are classified as endosteal, transosteal and sub periosteal and intra mucosal. So depending on bone size available, your doctor will select your implant dimension. Similarly prosthetic crown can be narrow or wide depending on available implant site and opposing tooth occlusal load capacity . Prosthetic crown can be screw type or cementation type. The type of prosthesis designed with number of teeth and amount of cantilever in it, will affect the load transmission and hence will eventually affect the survival of implants. DI6         DI7  
  • Dental skill
Skill and experience of dentist also affects dental implant success. US Dental pioneered by American trained dentists in Ahmedabad and dental implant surgeon, this state of the art dental & implant center is equipped to provide US standard of quality dental care to our patients. Dental implant procedure is less invasive but to make our patient more comfortable we have sleep dentistry and sedation unit which help to carry out implant procedure pain free. So, do not wait and contact US Dental for best Tooth Replacements options for you.