Why Should I Choose to Get Tooth Colored Filling Vs Amalgam Filling?

Having a cavity in the mouth is common across all age group of people. And filling a cavity is quite a convenient treatment in dentistry. Earlier, amalgam filling material which is silver in color was the only choice of material for filling the cavity. Amalgam is a combination of metals like silver, tin, copper, and mercury. However, nowadays, fortunately, you have another choice of material to get dental filling done and that is composite filling material which is white in color. Composite is made up of plastic and ceramic.

So, you have two options to choose to get dental filling. But you must be wondering which is better and more comfortable to you. Here are some points to be noted about the composite- white filling material and why it is superior to any other filling material?


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    1. Latest material is the choice of dentist Amalgam filling material is outdated now whereas composite is the newest material in the modern dentistry. And that is why different shades of composite filling material are easily available in the market. So, doctors and patients have a choice to get desired shades.
    2. Esthetic filling The biggest difference between silver and white filling material is the color of material. Silver filling is not pleasing when it is done in front teeth. And of course, patients are not comfortable to smile and speak when silver filling is visible. While white filling easily matches with tooth color, so the patient feels more confident when it is done in any teeth.
    3.  Conservative cavity preparation In composite filling, your dentist will not need to remove extra natural tooth structure as a composite filling bond with natural tooth structure chemically. While amalgam filling material requires proper cavity preparation to bond with the tooth. Therefore, it takes larger cavity preparation than composite.
    4. Durability of filling material Composite filling material is durable and strong enough to chew. It generally lasts for many years and does not change with alteration of temperature. Chances of cracks in this material is quite low. It is powerful and binds securely with enamel and dentin.
    5. Easily repairable If there is minor structural issue in the future, then it is easily repairable by the dentist.
    6. No hazardous effect with composite Mercury is used in amalgam filling which has a hazardous effect on health. Some people are allergic to mercury also so they can get allergic reactions to it. Whereas composite material is health friendly material.

These are the points to select a composite material over amalgam. You should get the filling done as soon as possible to stop more damage to your tooth.

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