Temporary Eating Habits After Your Dental Implant Treatment

Dental implants are one of the best solutions these days for missing teeth. In a promised period, dentists can solve a patient’s problem using a painless approach. There are options like single tooth implant and multiple teeth implants that are carried out by the dentists for giving a satisfying result to the patients. But, one question that comes the most in patient’s mind is “What eating habit should I follow after my dental implant surgery”. We have curated answers for the same to solve everyone’s doubt.

These points are applicable in both single implants as well as multiple dental implant treatments. There are various tips by experts to keep in mind when it comes to eating after dental implant treatment. In the initial stage after the dental implant treatment i.e. in the first two weeks, utmost care is needed. If there is a lack of oral health care, you might end up harming the dental implant surgery results. Keep in mind some important things like – not using a straw for having any drinks or juices. You can have fruits of your choice. If there are a greater number of dental implants, in that case, you need to be more cautious.

After Placement Of Dental Implants

Temporary Eating Habits After Your Dental Implant Treatment

In the first few days after the dental implant treatment, recovery is extremely important. To keep everything simple and easy, try not to add any complications in the functioning of dental implants. Eating right will help in the process. Experts advise eating soft food items like pudding, ice-cream, yoghurt, mashed potatoes. Keep in mind that you do not have to consume hard food items that can add strain on your dental implants. Don’t apply force on the teeth otherwise, there are high chances of breakage. Therefore, eat and drink right to make your dental implants work for the longest time.

Till the two weeks of your surgery, consume only soft foods. Here is a list of food items that you can consume:
  • Soft fruits like- melon, bananas, berries, peaches
  • Soft cereals, rice, mashed potatoes, soft bread, oatmeal
  • Lots of water
  • Fruits and vegetables cut in really small pieces
  • Cooked or steamed vegetables- carrot, beetroot, broccoli.
  • A good intake of protein: Eggs, Beans, Fish, grain
After two weeks- you can choose to have food like scrambled eggs, pasta, boiled vegetables, banana, mangoes, chopped chicken.

This will help you stay healthy and give proper care to your dental implants.

At the stage of recovery, you can change your diet a bit. Change it gradually and don’t make any sort of sudden changes, it can be dangerous or harmful. If you have any health conditions like diabetes, then consult your dentist, share with him/her your problem, you will get the right guidance. It is extremely important to share medical and health-related problems with your dentist.

Other Important Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • On surgery day, drink lots of water. Have more fluids. Avoid having hot food as it can lead to bleeding or swelling. This can prove to be complex for dental implant surgery.
  • Do not skip your meals. Get the right type of nutrition for yourself from your dentist. This works best for gaining overall strength, feeling better and recovering faster. A special diet can be created by your dentist in case of any other medical condition. Follow experts advise strictly.
  • Do not forget to use a straw for the liquids that you consume. You can’t afford to consume extremely hot food as it can harm your dental implant.
  • Avoid having any alcoholic beverages.
  • Try not to smoke post dental implant surgery temporarily.

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