Orthodontic treatment is most believed and common treatment in teenage group. During this age, the growth of maxilla and mandible is undergoing and with braces can help you to improve your smile. It takes at least 1.5 years to straighten your smile from misaligned teeth. The braces will act as a physical barrier between you and your teeth. The most challenging task is to maintain oral health with braces. You all have one problem which is – How do I clean my teeth with brace…??? This is the Most common dental issues with braces so here are some tips to clean your teeth while your whole ortho treatment. It will help you in maintaining good oral health with braces. 1)  Start using ortho brush Ortho brush is designed with a thin brush head to compose of long and short bristles which efficiently clean close to braces. Even you can use an interdental brush (spiral brush) for underwire and brackets, which are available in different size and in soft and extra soft textures. Amongst all these brushes available in the market. Ortho brush is “v” cut in which middle bristles are lower level compared to outer bristles even rubber tipped gum massager cleans food particles between teeth and braces.  So once you have got braces you should brush your teeth after every meal and if you are at work and it is not possible to brush after taking food then at least rinse with water to flush your food particles out. 2) Floss daily Flossing your teeth with braces on is a riskier job as braces create the physical barrier between you and cleaning. But it is very important to pass floss behind the wire and reach the cervical area of teeth. Floss slowly and avoid damaging your wires so when you have got braces it’s very important to floss your teeth at least once in a day. 3) Use mouthwash Braces cause mild irritation to gums and sometimes food gets trap between wires so it creates gum swelling. Mouthwash can easily reachto all area and relieves swelling. Water pick like device flushes out food particles and bacteria. It maintains oral hygiene of gums. 4) Interdental proxy brush They are small, straight or angled toothbrush helps to clean and brush small areas like between teeth and wire. Neglecting oral cleaning during braces treatment cause decalcification, which creates a “white spot” around the tooth and they are preventable with good oral hygiene. And intake of sugar candies and acidic beverages can rapidly decalcify white spot into the cavity. Hence Orthodontic treatment is no more painful and problematic!  Visit your Dr Dentist in Ahmedabad today itself for detail checkup and information on Braces. For more information visit US Dental Implant Center.  https://www.usdental.in/  

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