US Dental is a center of advance dental treatment. We provide the latest and advance solution to patients for their dental treatment. Dentistry is constantly evolving in all its branches to fulfill the patient’s desirable treatment with more comfort. Here are few of the technology, which is available at US Dental for more accurate diagnosis, prevention and treatment. Digital X-Rays: When we visit dentist, they asked for the x-ray to diagnose dental issues. When we heard x-ray, we become worried about radiation, but here we are using the latest, improved digital x-ray machines which significantly reduce amount of radiation. Laser Dentistry: Laser is very common nowadays. There are various uses of laser in dental treatment. A laser is more popular because of its various benefits like painless treatment, rapid healing, less bleeding and not required any stitches. A Laser is involved in many treatments like deep cleaning and gums curettage, gums depigmentation, Laser teeth whitening, Removal of unusual growth of soft tissues and some other treatment also. Piezosurgery unit- This is a relatively advance technique for bone surgery. This is a unique device which provides precise and safe cutting of bone during various surgeries. Traditionally, the bone cutting is done with burs and saws which not differentiate the soft tissues and there are chances to damage some delicate tissues. (Ex. Reduced risk of membrane perforation during sinus lift surgery) This unit is with special ultrasonic micro vibration which only cut bone no tissues. There are some others benefit also like-less heat production, less traumatic surgery, reduced post-operative discomfort with speedy recovery. Clear orthodontics- Invisalign is a new and clear solution for traditional metal braces. It is so effective, convenient and comfortable way to straight your teeth. Invisalign is removable clear trays so you can easily clean it and you don’t have to restrict yourself from food what you want to eat. Dental implant is the advanced solution for your missing teeth. Dental implants can secure your loose denture like your natural teeth and you can enjoy your favorite food without any hesitation. Visit US Dental today to improve your smile. We have highly qualified and experienced doctor who provides you the best treatment with the latest technology.

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