Mac: Ron… Let’s click selfie…. say cheese. Smile please 🙂 Mac: Why r u not smiling? Why are you hiding your teeth bro..? Ron: Mac… I have metal braces done on my teeth, so don’t like to smile much! My clicks doesn’t come nice…!!! Mac: OHH… great. So u will be having great smile soon… 🙂 But why did u had metal braces? Haven’t you heard about Clear aligners? Go for clear Aligners…You will have good smile while having braces. Ron: Clear Aligners!!!! What’s that???!!! Please let me know in detail for it my friend. Mac: Yes sure … Come with me, will let you know in detail… I had read article recently published in US DENTAL Center website. Let me show you the details, Have a look into it. b1 Clear Aligners Hello young friends, Have you heard about clear aligners? Dental Research have come up with one of the best and advanced technology in orthodontic braces and that is none other named as Clear Aligners. Now you can no more able to hide your braces. There is quite similarity in both braces and Invisalign as both are designed to straighten and the proper alignment of the teeth. Braces are of metal (Colored) brackets stick to your teeth and tightened with wires and tiny rubber bands while Clear Aligners on other hand are seem to be almost invisible. They are made up of smooth, comfortable clear plastic aligner tray that need to wear up over your teeth and gently moves your teeth. An Orthodontist will take your X-rays, pictures and impressions, required to create 3-D image of your teeth to prepare aligner trays accordingly. b2 There are various advantages of wearing clear aligners in comparison to traditional braces. One of the best feature of this is – it allows any type of food intake without any limitations. But need to make sure that patient needs to take care of oral hygiene by properly following the brushing and flossing techniques. Some of the other benefits are as follows:- 1) Time duration of treatment is quite precise and accurate as compared to traditional braces. 2)  The follow up visits to Dentist comparatively decreases. It is compulsory to visit once in month in case of traditional braces whereas patients wearing aligners allow themselves to replace aligners on their own every few weeks. 3) Aesthetically clear aligners are preferred more as they are invisible allowing patients to smile wider with better confidence. 4) In terms of maintenance, aligner trays are need to get cleaned in Luke warm water. 5)  Extractions of premolars can be avoided by creating inter-dental space through inter-proximal reduction. 6) Tooth pain is comparatively reduced. 7)  Overall, they are invisible to others, removable when needed, no difficulty in eating and get rid from the discomfort of traditional wires.
  • As it is said every coin has two sides, there are certain cons of wearing aligners such as:-
1) There might be difficulty in speech. 2)  Errors occurred during treatment can result into delayed treatment duration or mid-course corrections. 3) Pain might occur due to tooth movement during changes in aligners. 4) Loss or misplacement of aligners by patient during treatment. Patients might show lack of discipline while wearing aligners for 20-22 hours resulting in delayed treatment. 5) It is compulsory to get it removed while having food and brushing. Also to brush after having meal to avoid staining issues. 6) Clear aligners are not idle for cases like bridge work, back tooth bite issues, if  teeth are require to move vertically and if canines or premolars are needed to rotate. So friends….what are you waiting for… Go and get clear aligners today only and get rid of the difficulties from traditional braces. Visit your Dr. Dentist in Ahmedabad today itself for detail check up and information on clear aligners as we says ” Smile Begins where Healing Begins” Ron: Thanks Mac… for your support. I find this article very innovative and helpful to me. I will visit US Dental today itself for Orthodontist consultation.