Case of the Month – All on 4 Dental Implants

Middle aged female patient reported to US Dental clinic with a complaint of a loose upper dental bridge. Patient had this bridge before 5 years and since from that time while eating, the patient felt pain, as the dental bridge was not stable.

After clinical and radiographic evaluation, we advised the patient to go for upper all on 4 dental implants and followed by a hydride implant supported screw retained bridge.

We removed the dental bridge and extracted the teeth, waited for 1 month for soft tissue to heal around the sockets. Cone Beam CT Scan for upper jaw was done and implant planning was completed virtually. After verifying digital planning, 3D printed template was used to place 4 implants in the upper jaw utilizing principles of all on four implants. Implant supported screw retained temporary prosthesis was delivered within 72 hours after the surgery. Final screw retained ceramic bridge was fabricated 3 months after the healing time had elapsed.

Patient was extremely satisfied with her new fixed teeth as she was able to chew her food well and could smile confidently without any pain.

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