Case of the Month – Upper Front Tooth Crown

A young boy visited US Dental clinic with the complaint of broken upper front tooth along with old crown.

Patients did not have symptoms like sensitivity, pain or swelling. He also informed us that he got the root canal treatment done a few years back. And now he wants to have a new crown. Moreover, the patient was willing to save his natural tooth.

After all the examination, we had found that crown height was not enough to hold a new crown. So, we did post and core treatment to increase the length of the tooth. We also did crown lengthening procedure so that we can get sound tooth structure to hold crown.
Here is the picture after completing the procedure of crown lengthening.
UsDental After one or two days of healing the patient was called for follow-up and here is the picture after healing and we can see that post and core procedure was done.
We made an all-ceramic (zirconia) crown which has high esthetic value. We are sharing a picture of the crown after cementation. UsDental
UsDental Here is the x-ray after completing all the procedure.
The patient was called after a week for follow-up. He was overjoyed as his tooth was saved with a beautiful smile. UsDental

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