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Orthodontist in Ahmedabad

Am I fit for Orthodontic Treatment?
All those who have
Crowding in any arch (upper or lower jaw)
Spacing in any arch or segment
Open bite
Cross bite
Proclaine teeth
Retroclined teeth etc. requires dental braces treatment.

Best time to start your treatment is when all your permanent teeth have erupted in your oral cavity. It mainly ranges from 14 to 18 years. Even you can have your ortho treatment in adulthood if your bone and oral cavity is healthy.
It takes 12 to 30 months to complete your treatment.

Does it pain??
Normally it is not painful, but it is bit uncomfortable in initial days. Due to brackets and ligature wire you may fell strange but you can take help of orthodontist to adjust it.

Advantages of Orthodontic Treatment
It improves your smile and look
It helps to eat, bite, and chew more efficiently
It enhances your self-confidence and personality

Types of Dental Braces

Why US Dental for Orthodontic Treatment in Ahmedabad

Dental professionals at US dental are highly qualified and equipped with latest technology to diagnose and treat the mal-aligned teeth. After thorough clinical assessment aided by X ray examinations, diagnosis is established and the treatment is rendered to straight misaligned teeth.

We at US Dental – center for advanced dentistry have best orthodontist in Ahmedabad who serves best dental braces treatment and allows you to show off your smile.

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